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Frequently asked questions and documentation for game developers.

1. Submitting games
To submit your flash games to our distribution system, first you'll need to create an account. This is free and easy. When you're registered and logged in, you can find the option Add Game on the Developers page. Go through the 4 steps, first write down some basic game information, then upload two thumbnails, the game itself and finally turn the distribution on. Please note your game needs to be approved by admin before it will be added to the game catalog.

Before you submit your game:

- Make a 100x100 pixels sized image of your game in jpg, gif or png format.
- Make a 300x300 pixels sized image of your game in jpg, gif or png format.
- Get your game ready to be uploaded, please note you can only upload games that consist of a single swf file.
2. Game approval
After your game has been submitted and you have turned distribution on, your game will get the status Awaiting admin approval which means your game first needs to be checked before it will go live.

To make sure your game gets approved:

- Try to write proper English in your descriptions, start sentences with a capital letter, finish with a point.
- Make proper screenshots of the actual gameplay of your game.
- Do not use copyrighted content like Mario, Disney-characters, etc.
- Also, low quality content may be rejected for distribution.

If your game got rejected, read why this happened on your Developers main page. You can always edit your game and turn distribution on to apply for approval again.