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Frequently asked questions and documentation for game publishers.

1. Publishing games
To publish flash games on your website, you don't need to have an account. Just browse our game catalog to find games. When viewing a game you'll have two options to add your game:

Embedding: Copy the html-code from the right side of a game page. Click in the textarea to select the code, right click with the mouse to copy the code, now paste it somewhere in your site's html-code to show the game.

Hosting: Simply download the game file and upload it to your site. A common way to view a game is using the code below, the width, height and game.swf need to be changed according to the information on the game page. Basic flash in html:

<object width="550" height="400">
<param name="movie" value="game.swf">
<embed src="game.swf" width="550" height="400"></embed>

Sign up for a free account to get several benefits like the auto-posting of games and options to find the best games for your website more easily.
2. Submitting a site
3. Using a custom script
Besides todays most common arcade scripts you can also use a custom script if it works with a MySQL database. Just select the option Custom build when adding or editting a site. You'll then be shown a list of fields to fill with appropriate data, pick the right amount of fields your database uses and fill them with any of the following values that can be selected under Insert data:

Default value: Select this option to add a default value in the database, enter your default value next to it, if you leave it empty it can also be used as an auto increment for a game's id for example.
Custom value: Add a custom value in your database, every time you add a game you'll be asked to input a value.
Name: Enter the name of the game.
Simple name: Enter a simplified version of the game's name, for examle Bloons Tower Defense 2 would become bloons-tower-defense-2.
Description: The description of the game.
Instructions: The instructions, how to play the game.
Keywords: Keywords that have to with the game.
Game file: The game's .swf file.
Game width: The width of the game.
Game height: The height of the game.
Game resizability: If the game is resizable it will output 1, if not it will output 0.
Thumbnail XxX: A lot of thumbnails in different sizes.