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Chef of War

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Name: Chef of War

Description: You're the little chef in a big kitchen that have to beat all the monsters. Use tomatoes on a line to hit them. Try to hit fast in a row to score extra points.

Instructions: Aim - Clear all the waves, collect orbs to increase your score, health and magic meter. To use rage press 'space' when magic meter (blue meter) is full.

Keywords: Chef, of, war, action, creatures, monster, monsters, COW, fighting, chef of war, kitchen, orbs, magic, restaurant, cooking, tomato, tomatoes, weird, fight

Author: yesgamez

Sponsor: www.yesgamez.com

Date: October 7, 2009, 12:21:12 PM

Resolution: 640 x 450

Filesize: 771 Kb

Language: English

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