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Disc Golf: Cripple Creek Edition

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Name: Disc Golf: Cripple Creek Edition

Description: Disc Golf is a sport thatís like regular golf, only you play with a disc instead of golf balls. The object is to make it to the disc basket in as few shots as possible. Disc Golf: Cripple Creek Edition features a full 18 hole course, 4 Game Modes, 4 different characters and more! Solo and Practice mode let you play the game alone to up your skills. When you are ready, take on a friend or challenge the computer to a game of Disc Golf!

Instructions: The object is to get the lowest score in a round. Use your mouse or keyboard to Aim, apply Tilt, and Throw your disc. For more information, please see the in-game help file.

Keywords: disc, golf, sports, frisbee, disk, 2 player, ai, single player, throw, toss, 18 holes, family, fun, easy, simple

Author: rikerone


Date: September 4, 2009, 10:56:50 AM

Resolution: 640 x 480

Filesize: 1,6 Mb

Language: English

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