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Flipping Fantastic!

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Name: Flipping Fantastic!

Description: Flip and spin on pegs with your wand through the field of obstacles. Object of the game is to arrive safely to the goal peg and gain as many bonus points within the time given. There are 25 levels with 3 different modes of difficulty: Easy, Normal and Hard. It would just be Flipping Fantastic if you could beat all the levels and get the highest score possible.

Instructions: Press X to flip, C to spin, Space to reverse rotation.

Keywords: flipping, fantastic, spin, doctor, ultimate, clock, works, clockwerx, flippin, game, tetris, logic, fun

Author: thegamerstop

Sponsor: Free Games Online

Date: April 9, 2010, 05:23:06 PM

Resolution: 600 x 480

Filesize: 1,1 Mb

Language: English

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