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Frantic 2

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Name: Frantic 2

Description: Time to blow up some more colourful spaceships, this time with style. Many more levels, ships and 30 unique bosses! Loads of upgradables, unlockables and achievements. Deep high scoring system. Insane bullet patterns. Tons of extra features and difficulty modes, enjoy!

Instructions: Mouse or Keyboard See in game for more info.

Keywords: frantic 2 frantic2 shooter scrolling verticle fast insane pace boss bosses hard bullet hell bullethell big shop upgrades wingmen colourful fun funny shmup sh'mup shoot em up crazy danmaku retro

Author: polymerrabbit

Sponsor: NotDoppler

Date: September 6, 2009, 06:10:33 AM

Resolution: 500 x 600

Filesize: 5,7 Mb

Language: English

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