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Lounge Cocktail Bar

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Name: Lounge Cocktail Bar

Description: New absorbing free online cooking and memory game by Cooking-Free-Games. You are working at the cocktail bar as a barman. Your task is to cook various and delicious cocktails. Look at the recipe and keep it in mind. Choose the appropriate glass and put all necessary ingredients into the shaker. Then switch it on and get the new recipe.

Instructions: You have the recipe of the cocktail and should collect all necessary ingredients into the shaker and take the appropriate glass. When you point to the object you can see the inscription, drag the object with the mouse. When all the ingredients are in the shaker, click at it to switch on. The time is limited! The bonus hint helps you to recollect the recipe.

Keywords: Cooking, game, free, online, barman, recipe, memory, bar, cook, cocktail, girls, kids, children.

Author: cookingfreegames

Sponsor: Cooking-Free-Games.com

Date: December 16, 2010, 02:47:50 AM

Resolution: 640 x 480

Filesize: 1,6 Mb

Language: English

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