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Zombies Can Fly

Name: Zombies Can Fly

Description: Launch your zombie to get the longest distance and upgrade your equipment in between the level. Set your power, set your angle and launch the zombie!

Instructions: Use the mouse to play, click the buttons to set your power and angle, then launch your zombie. Keeping the mouse button down during your flight will increase your turning speed, use this and release at the right time to land on your feet.

Keywords: cannon, drop, physics, pumpkin lab, upgrade, upgrades, equipment, wings, helmet, evil, space, chicken, Zombie, flying, launch, launching, halloween, bounce, distance, EvilSpaceChicken, HairyGames

Author: rzn1986

Sponsor: Hairy Games

Date: January 24, 2012, 01:54:21 PM

Resolution: 600 x 400

Filesize: 957 Kb

Language: English

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